Signing up for Service

In order to sign up for water service or to disconnect water service, you will need to stop in to City Hall to fill out the appropriate paperwork. When signing up for service, we will need either a $100 deposit or a letter of credit. The letter of credit can be from a utility or water company and must have been for at least one year of service, with the bill being paid on time for the last year. In addition to the deposit and/or letter of credit, we will also need to take a copy of the applicant’s drivers license.

Snowbird Policy

This concerns our customers who spend the winter months elsewhere and wish to have their water service suspended to avoid paying the minimum monthly charges. The City is asking for the following when one of our customers wishes to leave town for an extended period of time:

  • The property owner has to inform the City of the date he/she wants his/her service disconnected so we can set up an appointment to have City Water Department Personnel shut off the water. If the property owner can’t be present on the day of the appointment, the owner’s authorized representative may substitute.
  • If a property owner doesn’t want his/her water meter removed, he/she has to sign a waiver at City Hall which relieves the City from any liability that may result from any damage that might occur due to the meter being left in place.
  • The water service reconnection fee when the customer returns to town is $20.

Changes to an Account

It is the responsibility of the property owners and/or tenants to inform the City of any changes that need to be made to the water accounts. According to Iowa Code §384.84, landlords are responsible for paying the remainder of the bill that tenants do not pay, unless a landlord exemption form has been previously signed.