What is a “Home Occupation” and under what conditions can an occupation be conducted out of a residence?

Although this isn’t the entire ordinance governing home occupations, these are the main points:

“5-1D-8 (1) Definition: “Home Occupations” means any business, profession, occupation or trade conducted for gain or support within a residential building or an accessory structure thereto, which is incidental and secondary to the use of such a building for dwelling purposes and which does not change the essential residential character of such building.

5-1D-8 (3) Exceptions. Notwithstanding the definition of home occupations set forth above, certain occupations that are pursued partially or entirely in a district zoned R-1, R-2, R-3 and A-1 may be excluded from the requirements and regulations of this Ordinance by determination of the Home Occupations Inspector. Those occupations that may be excluded from the operation of this Ordinance are:

  • A. McNess dealers
  • B. Amway dealers
  • C. Avon dealers
  • D. Mary Kay products dealers
  • E. Home Interior salespersons
  • F. Insurance salespersons
  • G. Sewing and alterations
  • H. Seed corn or agricultural products
  • I. Salesperson
  • J. Woodworking
  • K. Catering from the home and home baking
  • L. Any other home occupation which the Home Occupations Inspector has determined has such an insignificant impact on the neighborhood that it may be exempt from the requirement to apply for and obtain a Home Occupations Permit.

5-1D-8 (4) Permit Required.

  • A. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry on a business, profession, occupation or trade at a residence in an area of the City zoned R-1 or R-2 or R-3 or A-1, unless the person has applied for and received a permit to do so or has obtained an exemption under 5-1D-8-(3) from the Home Occupations Inspector. Each day that this Ordinance is violated shall be a separate violation of this Ordinance.

For the complete home occupation ordinance, please refer to our download center.