What does your ordinance say about fences?

Most fences do not require a building permit unless they are for a commercial purpose or unless the fence is for residential use but is intended to be over 6′ tall, or if it is within the front yard setback of a residential lot, or if it is within the front and/or setback. More specifically, the City’s ordinance states:

“5-1N-1 SIZE AND VISIBILITY. No fence or hedge more than 3 feet high, 4 feet if it is a woven wire fence, may be located in the front yard setback. Fences or hedges of up to six feet high may be erected on those parts of a lot that are further back from a street than the front yard setback. A corner lot has a double front yard setback. Any fence built in an easement is subject to removal at the owner’s expense.

5-1N-3 PERMITS Permits are required for all residential fences proposed for construction in front yard set back areas. Permits are required for all public, commercial, and industrial use fences.”