How do I figure where my front setback starts from?

The front setback starts at the point where the property that abuts the public right-of-way begins.

You can best tell where the right of way begins by way of a property survey.

Short of having a survey performed, there are two unofficial, “rule of thumb” methods that can be used to determine where a property generally begins:

  • 1. Call City Hall to learn how wide the street right-of-way for a given street is listed on our plat map. It will be a figure such as 60′, 50′, etc. Divide the number by 2. From the center of the street, walk that distance toward the property in question. Your lot line should be generally in the area you have measured-off. Please be aware that this method assumes that the middle of the street is in the exact middle of the right-of-way, and that is not always the case.
  • 2. If there is a sidewalk present, the sidewalk is assumed to sit in the right-of-way. From the property-side edge of the sidewalk, count off at least 1′-2′ from the edge of the sidewalk. Please be aware that not all sidewalks are set back from the street by the same distance; therefore, this isn’t always a useful method on all streets.