Apply for a street or curb cut?

A street cut or curb cut application needs to be filled out each time someone will be cutting into the City street or the adjacent curb. These forms may be picked up at City Hall or can be downloaded from our download center in the menu at the top of the page. After filling out the appropriate application, the application must be returned to Maquoketa City Hall. Both applications require a certificate of insurance to accompany it from the person or company that will be doing the work. In addition, a street cut application also requires a $500 deposit to be made to the City of Maquoketa before any work is done. The deposit will be used to pay for any street repairs that will be made to the affected street. If the amount of street repairs does not total $500, a refund will be made to the person who made the deposit. If the amount of the street repairs exceeds $500, the applicant will be billed for the remaining amount. Both street cut and curb cut applications must be reviewed by the Public Works Director or his designee before work may begin.