What is a “Home Occupation” and under what conditions can an occupation be conducted out of a residence?

Although this isn’t the entire ordinance governing home occupations, these are the main points: “5-1D-8 (1) Definition: “Home Occupations” means any business, profession, occupation or trade conducted for gain or support within a residential building or an accessory structure thereto, which is incidental and secondary to the use of such a building for dwelling purposes […]

How do I figure where my front setback starts from?

The front setback starts at the point where the property that abuts the public right-of-way begins. You can best tell where the right of way begins by way of a property survey. Short of having a survey performed, there are two unofficial, “rule of thumb” methods that can be used to determine where a property […]

What does your ordinance say about fences?

Most fences do not require a building permit unless they are for a commercial purpose or unless the fence is for residential use but is intended to be over 6′ tall, or if it is within the front yard setback of a residential lot, or if it is within the front and/or setback. More specifically, […]

Do I need a building permit even when I put up a small shed or what I would consider to be a temporary/portable structure?

Yes. Although past City Councils and past city administrations may not have enforced or required building permits for portable structures or small structures, the language of the ordinance requires a building permit for projects that involve these types of projects. Further, the current City Council has determined that this aspect of the zoning ordinance will […]

When do I need a building permit?

A building permit is almost always required for any type of activity that will change the exterior dimensions of existing structures or when a new structure is being placed on a property. A building permit is also required for any sign that is painted or placed on a structure. More specifically, the City ordinance states: […]