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Grass & Weed Abatement Notice

According to City Ordinance 6-20, it is the responsibility of every property owner to mow his or her property including the area known as the street “right-of-way” or “boulevard.” 

In residential, B-1, and B-2 zones, grass and weeds must be mowed before they reach a length that exceeds 6 inches.  Areas zoned as “industrial” must be mowed before reaching a length that exceeds 10 inches.  Pastures may reach a height of 24 inches.  In some circumstances, the owners of property that is particularly difficult to maintain may apply to the City for relief from the strict enforcement of the ordinance.

          Under this Notice, please know that the work of cutting or destroying weeds, vines, brush or other growth that are out of compliance with this ordinance is required to be done during the months of May through October, inclusive, and is hereby abated and must come into compliance with the ordinance within three (3) days, not including Saturdays, Sundays, holidays of the publication of this Notice in the newspaper. 

          Further, the failure to comply with this Abatement Notice after its publication may result in the work being done by the city, and any costs incurred by the city shall be assessed against the property in the manner provided by law.  No further notice shall be required.  Property owners who wish to appeal this Notice to the City Manager may do so within seven days of the publication of this Notice under Title 6, Chapter 20, Section 7.

Anytime after this once-per-season Notice is issued, properties must kept in compliance with the ordinance for the rest of the mowing season, and City is authorized to mow a property without any further notice for future infractions during the year and bill the property owner for this expense.

It is not the City’s intent to be harsh about the enforcement of the Grass & Weed Ordinance.  However, the City Council has set forth this policy to provide for the well-being of its citizens, and it is within that context that this Notice is offered. 

Thank you.