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COVID-19 in Jackson County

The City of Maquoketa has received confirmation from reliable sources that there has been a positive test for COVID-19 in Jackson County. With that, the City of Maquoketa will transition City government to its next stage of response.

·         City Hall will cease to allow any physical public contact with City staff in order to protect our workforce from further spread,

·         City Hall will continue to maintain phone service with the public and assist PD with any overflow of non-emergency calls to the Law Center,

·         City administrative staff will begin to stagger work hours and/or days for essential operations to expand social distancing practices and to the limit spread, and

·         Ongoing essential operations such as police, fire, limited public works activities, and utility operations will remain operational.

·         While our park areas are open, all playground equipment will be roped off due to the inability to keep them disinfected, and residents are asked to not congregate within our park areas and to maintain safe social distancing practices

·         For further information, please monitor the following: Maquoketa Local Access, City Facebook page and the City website.

Comments from Mayor Don Schwenker

It has been reported that COVID-19 has officially been identified within Jackson County. This is something that many people have been bracing for as we watched how this unfolded across our country. Please know that the City of Maquoketa, the police and fireman, and all healthcare professionals will do everything we can to help people prepare for and possibly recover from the virus.  Remember we can only do so much. Part of it falls on the individual people to ensure everyone practices social distancing, proper and frequent hand sanitizing, limiting to groups of less than 10 people, and reducing the amount of time we are out and about in the community.

People have been stocking up on groceries for over the last two weeks so please refrain from bulk purchases of individual items, only getting what you need for a week or so. Conserve what you can to reduce the need for trips to resupply.  When going out, do not take the whole family. It only takes one maybe two people to buy supplies.  Watch yourself and other family members for possible symptoms which are cough, fever, shortness of breath. If these symptoms present, please call a medical facility first and talk with them. They will instruct you on what you need to do next.  

Please note the changes to the City Hall access. We will publish our new policies through the newspaper, radio, and social media.

Remember if you are tired of cooking, please call take out from one of the various restaurants in Maquoketa. 

We are all in this together. If you have neighbors who require a little extra assistance, please call them and offer a helping hand. This action could go a long way towards keeping them safe.