Chapter 32-Parks Commission

2-32-4 BUDGET
2-32-5 REPORTS
2-32-7 GIFTS
2-32-10 RULES

2-32-1 PARKS COMMISSION JURISDICTION AND PURPOSE. Subject to City Council approval, Parks Commission shall advise the City on the management of all City parks and shall develop policies for the management of City parks.


A. The Commission shall consist of five (5) Commissioners, appointed by the City Council, who shall be non-elected citizens. There shall be one member of the Maquoketa City Council, appointed by the Mayor, to serve as a non-voting member of the Commission.

B. Terms of offices shall be three (3) year terms, staggered. For purposes of implementing this Section, two (2) Commission positions shall be filled by appointment of the Council at a time set by the Council and shall run from date of appointment to December 31, 2012. Two (2) positions shall run from date of appointment to December 31, 2013. One (1) position shall run from date of appointment to December 31, 2014. All positions shall, after date of first expiration, be established as three-year (3) terms. The non-voting council position shall be a term as designated by the Mayor.

C. Vacancies shall be filled as needed with terms of expiration of vacant position remaining the same.

2-32-3 ORGANIZATION. At its first meeting the Commission shall adopt organizational rules governing the conduct of Commission business such as notice of meetings, agenda, quorum for business, rules of order, and the election of a Chairperson Pro-Tem; and, shall elect a Chairperson and a Secretary for the following duties:

A. Chairperson shall preside at all Commission meetings.

B. Secretary shall be responsible for taking of Commission minutes, turning same in to the City administration office for disbursement to Council and permanent record keeping.

At subsequent meetings, the Commission shall adopt rules for the use of and conduct at City parks. The Commission shall also adopt sanctions for violations of its rules.

2-32-4 BUDGET. The Parks Commission shall receive a fiscal budget from the City. The breakdown within that budget of revenues and expenditures shall be subject to Council approval during the budget process. All revenues and expenditures will be received and disbursed within the City Budget system. All expenditures over $1,000 shall be authorized by the City Council before being expended. All expenditures under $500 shall be authorized by the Commission. Expenditures up to $1,000 shall be authorized by the City Manager.

2-32-5 REPORTS. The Secretary shall, in addition to providing minutes of meetings to City Administration for Council disbursement, make written reports of its activities as it deems advisable or upon Council request.

2-32-6 EMPLOYEES. The Parks Commission shall not have employees and shall not manage City employees; however, the City Manager shall consult with the Parks Commission regarding work to be accomplished at City parks and facilities and events and the City Manager shall assign City employees to provide services to the Parks Commission if the City Manager, in his/her discretion, decides it is necessary.

2-32-7 GIFTS. All gifts, donations and bequests that may be made to the City for the purpose of establishing, increasing, or improving the parks and their facilities shall be administered by the Commission and expended subject to the $500 authorization required under 2-32-4.

2-32-8 ACQUISITION OF LAND. With the consent of the City Council the Commission may initiate the acquisition of real estate inside or outside the City for park purposes by donation, lease or purchase. However, condemnation proceedings shall be instituted and maintained by the City of Maquoketa. Title to all real estate for or managed by the Commission shall be held in the name of the City of Maquoketa.

2-32-9 SALE OR LEASE OF PROPERTY. The Commission may sell, subject to the approval of the Council, exchange, or lease any real estate acquired by it which in its discretion is unfit, not desirable, unnecessary, or not required for park purposes.

2-32-10 RULES. The Commission shall have power to make rules and regulations for the use of parks or their recreational facilities, subject to the approval of the rules by the Council. Such rules shall either be posted on the facility or otherwise publicized in a manner to provide adequate notice to the using public.

2-32-11 PENALTIES. Violation of any Board of Park Commissioners rules regarding use of parks or conduct of parties either in the parks or at any Park Board sponsored activity shall be grounds for imposition of sanctions by the Parks Board of Commissioners; but, any such sanction may be appealed to the entire City Council for their review and decision. The City Council decisions regarding sanctions shall be final.
(Ord. 834, 6-6-94) (Ord. 1103, 6-4-12)