Chapter 27-Removal From Office


2-27-1 MANNER OF REMOVAL. All personal appointed to City Office may be removed by the officer or body making the appointment. The removal shall be done in a manner set fourth at Iowa Code Section 372.15 (1988) which Iowa Code Section is hereby adopted as though set out here in full.

2-27-2 PROCESS OF REMOVAL. Any elected City Official may be removed from Office for any of the reasons set fourth in Chapter 66 of the Iowa Code (18\988). The removal process begins when five qualified electors of the City of Maquoketa sign and file in the Office of the City Clerk a Petition for Removal. The petition need not be in any special form but must be in writing and it must state the grounds for removal.

Upon filing of a Petition for Removal, the City Manager shall set a time and place for a hearing upon the petition and the City Manager shall cause a copy of the petition and a notice of the time, date, and place of the hearing to be served upon the officer whose removal is sought in the petition.

The removal petition shall be heard by the City council and the City Council shall vote to remove or not to remove the officer after the hearing upon the petition. The vote shall be by roll call vote in public session. The removal of an elected official requires a two thirds vote of the Council.

2-27-3 ADDITIONAL GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL. Additional grounds for removal under City Code Section 2-27-1 and Section 2-27-2 shall include:

1. Full time residence outside the Maquoketa City limits by an officer or appointee whose office requires residence within the City of Maquoketa.

2. Full term residence outside of Jackson County, Iowa, by an appointee whose office requires residence in Jackson County, Iowa.

3. Absence from three or more consecutive meetings of the appointees or elected officials Board Commission or Council Meeting.

(Ord. 690, 10-3-88)