Chapter 21-Committees of the City Council


2-21-1 COUNCIL COMMITTEES. There is hereby created the following seven committees of the City Council: Public Safety, Recreation, Municipal Enterprises, Personnel, Utilities, Street and Finance.

2-21-2 COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES. The Committees of the Council are created in order to provide a division of labor regarding the issues that need to be addressed by the City Council. The Committees’ responsibilities are to thoroughly examine specific portions of the City’s operations and functions.

The various operations and functions assigned to the Committees would include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Public Safety Committee shall address all issues concerning the Police Department, Fire Department, traffic control, traffic signs, and any other issues affecting the safety of the general public.

2. Recreation Committee shall address all issues concerning the City’s parks and recreation/community education programs. The Committee may also meet with the Library Board of Trustees regarding issues that involve the Public Library.

3. Municipal Enterprises Committee shall address issues that involve the City’s parking lots, municipal airport, Mount Hope Cemetery, the City Hall Building and any private utilities doing business within the City of Maquoketa.

4. Personnel Committee shall make recommendations to the Council regarding all matters relating to the salaries and fringe benefits of the City’s employees, labor negotiations, employee rules and regulations, and any other personnel matters. The Personnel Committee shall also address items relating to public relations.

5. Utilities Committee shall make recommendations on all items that involve the Water Department, the Wastewater Department, the sanitary sewer system, and street lights.

6. Street Committee shall make recommendations regarding such items as the city streets, sidewalks and storm sewers.

7. Finance Committee shall be responsible for the auditing of the City’s claims prior to the Council Meeting on the third Monday of each month. The Committee shall also make recommendations to the Council regarding the financial transactions of the City, the annual audit reports and the overall financial condition of the City.

2-21-3 COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS. The Mayor of the City of Maquoketa shall appoint members of the City Council to the seven committees at the first Council Meeting in January of every year. The appointments shall be approved by a majority vote of the City Council. Each member of the City Council shall be a member of three committees. Each member of the City Council shall be designated as Chairperson of one committee.

2-21-4 COMMITTEE MEETINGS. Committee meetings can be called by the Chairperson of the Committee or by a majority vote of the Council. All committee meetings shall comply with provisions of the State Open Meeting Law (Chapter 28A of the Iowa Code).

2-21-5 COMMITTEE POWER LIMIT. No Committee of the Council shall take any actions or make any decisions, unless the full membership of the Council by majority vote has delegated such responsibility to the said Committee.