Chapter 20-Reserve Police Force

2-20-3 REMOVAL
2-20-4 ORDERS

2-20-1 RESERVE CREATED. There is hereby created and established the Maquoketa Reserve Police Force.

2-20-2 MEMBERSHIP. Membership in said Reserve Police Force shall be as prescribed in said Reserve’s by-laws, rules and regulations and shall be subject to the approval of the Mayor, City Council and the Chief of Police. The Mayor, City Council and Chief of Police may, from time to time, prescribe such other by-laws, rules and regulations as they may deem to be desirable.

2-20-3 REMOVAL. The members of the Reserve Police Force shall serve at the discretion of the Chief of Police and shall be removed and discharged from said Reserve at any time upon violation of any by-law, rule or regulation prescribed as aforesaid or upon the recommendation of the Reserve Police Executive Committee. The Reserve Police Executive Committee shall consist of the Public Safety Committee of the City Council, the Mayor, the Chief of Police and the City Manager.

2-20-4 ORDERS. The members of the Reserve Police Force shall be subject to lawful orders of a member of the Maquoketa Police Department and the Mayor.

2-20-5 COMPENSATION. Members of the Reserve Police Force shall be considered employees of the City during those periods when they are performing Police duties as authorized and directed by the Chief of Police or the Assistant Chief in the absence of the Chief, and they shall receive a salary of one dollar per year. However, said Reserve members shall not be entitled to any benefits of Police Retirement or Civil Service except Workman’s Compensation Insurance stature.

2-20-6 VIOLATION OF ORDINANCES. No member of said Reserve shall violate the Ordinances of the City of Maquoketa or the laws of the State of Iowa or the United States of America, and any such violation may be grounds for summary dismissal.

2-20-7 OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES. No member of said Reserve shall drive or operate a motor vehicle owned, leased or under the control of the City of Maquoketa, Iowa, except in an emergency or by order of a Police Officer.

2-20-8 TRAINING. Training for individuals appointed as Reserve Police Officers shall be provided by the City, but may be obtained in a merged area school or other facility selected by the individual and approved by the City. Upon satisfactory completion of training with a minimum of thirty (30) hours, the Chief of Police shall certify the individual as a Reserve Police Officer. Initial training shall be completed within one year from the date of appointment.

2-20-9 CARRYING WEAPONS. A member of the Reserve Police Force shall not carry a weapon in the line of duty until he or she has been approved by the City Council and certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Council. After approval and certification, a Reserve Police Officer may carry a weapon in the line of duty only when authorized by the Chief of Police.