Chapter 2-Licensing of Animals

4-2-2 FEES


1. Every owner of a dog or cat over six (6) months old shall procure a license from the City of Maquoketa City Hall on or before the first day of November each year, or within thirty (30) days of the animal being brought into the City, or when the animal has reached six (6) months of age.

2. The owner of a dog or cat for which a license is required shall apply on forms provided by City Hall. The form of the application shall state the breed, sex, age, color, markings, and name, if any, of the dog or cat, and the address of the owner and shall be signed by the owner. The owner shall also supply documents from a licensed veterinarian which states the date of the most recent rabies vaccination, the type of vaccination administered and the date the dog or cat shall be revaccinated. The owner shall also supply a clear photo of the animal being licensed, which will contain enough detail so that it can be used to identify the animal.

3. All licenses shall expire on November 1 of the year following the date of issuance.

4-2-2 FEES. The license fees for dogs and cats shall be established by resolution of the city council.

1. Animals properly trained to assist persons with disabilities will be exempt from licensing fees.

4-2-3 DELINQUENCY. All license fees shall become delinquent on the tenth day of November of the year in which they are due. The delinquent penalty fees shall be established by resolution of the city council


1. Upon the original issuance of the license, the City shall deliver or mail to the owner a license tag stamped with the following:

A. Name of issuing City

B. Serial number of the license which shall be recorded by the City

2. Every dog or cat shall wear the tag provided whenever such dog or cat is off the property of its owner. Any method may be used to attach the tag to the dog or cat, such as a collar or other suitable device.

3. It is unlawful for any person who is not the owner or the agent of such owner, other than an employee of the City or its agent acting in an official capacity, to remove a license tag from a dog or cat prior to the expiration of the license

4. Upon certifying that the license has been lost or destroyed, the owner may obtain a replacement tag upon payment of a duplicate fee which shall be established by resolution of the city council.

4-2-5 LICENSE RECORDS. City Hall shall keep a book to be known as the record of licenses which shall show:

1. The date of each application for a license

2. The description of the dog or cat as specified in the application, together with the name of the owner of the dog or cat and a photograph of the dog or cat

3. The date when each license tag is issued and the serial number of each tag, the date of the most recent rabies vaccination, the type of vaccine administered, and the date the dog or cat is to be revaccinated

4. The amount of all fees paid

5. Such other data as may be required by law

4-2-6 CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP; TRANSFER OF LICENSE. When the permanent ownership of a dog or cat is transferred, the new owner shall, within thirty (30) days from the date of change of ownership, make application for a new license as provided in this section regardless of whether or not the dog or cat was previously licensed.

4-2-7 EXCEPTIONS. The licensing provisions of this chapter shall not be applied to animals whose owners are nonresidents temporarily within the City, animals brought into the City for the purpose of participating in any animal show, providing such animals are kept restrained on the owner’s premises and under supervision or control at all times or under leash at all times.

4-2-8 PENALTY. A violation of any portion of this chapter constitutes a simple
misdemeanor. In addition, any violation constitutes a municipal infraction.
(Ord. No. 1030, 09-18-06)