Chapter 16-Cable Franchise

Ordinance 916 Cable Franchise Agreement has been saved from repeal and is included in this City Code by Reference.

Ordinance 837 is replace by Ordinance 916

Subchapter 16A Cable Commission


2-16A-1 PURPOSE. By this Ordinance the City of Maquoketa creates a Commission to regulate and monitor cable services in Maquoketa.

2-16A-2 CABLE COMMISSION POWERS AND DUTIES. There is hereby created and established the Maquoketa Cable Commission. The purpose of the Commission shall be as follows:

1. To act as the local regulatory agency for any and all cable communications systems.

2. To monitor the Grantee’s performance, programming, and operation under the provisions of this permit and any subsequent Ordinances pertaining to the Cable Communications System, and to provide for the testing of the signals and services transmitted to or by the Grantee’s system, and to advise the City Council regarding any such matters.

3. To provide a public forum for citizens and subscribers to air their complaints and opinions about cable service, and to work with Grantee for remedies to reasonable complaints and requests, and to attempt to resolve any disputes arising between subscribers or citizens and the Grantee.

4. To encourage and develop community access programming.

5. To develop local knowledge and expertise about cable systems and services through subscriptions, materials purchases, consultants, workshops, attendance at conventions, and the like, and to pay the costs thereof from permit fees with the approval of the City Council.

2-16A-3 EXPENDITURES. The actions of the Cable Commission pertaining to the Local Access Channel, expenditures in excess of $500, office hours and the hiring of employees shall be subject to approval of the City Council. The City Council shall have final approval of the Cable TV Budget, employee salaries and benefits.
(Ordinance 982, Passed June 16, 2003)

2-16A-4 CABLE MANAGER. The Commission may employ a Cable Manager and other employees with the approval of the City Council. The Cable Manager shall be under the direct supervision of the City Manager.

2-16A-5 PROGRAMMING GUIDELINES ADOPTED AND ENFORCED. The City Council hereby adopts the Channel 22 Access Guidelines dated January 20, 1994, as the program guidelines for Educational, Local Government, Public Access and Local Organization programming. The Commission shall regulate access programming according to these guidelines. The Commission shall adopt rules for the enforcement of the guidelines. The Commission may modify the guidelines dated March 24, 1994.

2-16A-6 COMMISSION MEMBERS AND TERMS. The Commission shall consist of five (5) members, appointed to staggered two-year terms by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Commission shall annually elect from its own members, a Chairman, Secretary, and Vice-Chair, and shall meet at least once each month at a time and place agreed upon by the members. All action taken by the Commission shall be upon affirmative vote of a majority of its members. There shall be one (1) member of the Maquoketa City Council to serve as a non-voting member of the Commission. This position shall be a term as designated by the Mayor. (Ord. 864, passed 12-18-95)

2-16A-7 ANNUAL REPORT. The Commission shall prepare and send to the City Council annually, a report that shall include an accounting of all monies received and expended, a listing of the complaints, disputes, and requests handled, the progress of community access, a summary of all its activities, and any recommendations or suggestions it may have for the City Council. (Ord. 838, passed 7-5-94)