Chapter 2-Appointment and Qulification of Municipal Officers

2-2-6 SURETY

CREATION OF APPOINTIVE OFFICERS. There are hereby created the following appointive officers: Clerk-Manager, Treasurer, Police Chief, Attorney, Superintendent of Public Utilities and Fire Chief.


The Mayor shall have authority over the Police Department and shall appoint the Police Chief with a four-three approval from the City Council. The Police Chief may be removed from office on recommendation of the Mayor and a four-three vote by all members of the Council.

Removal of the Police Chief shall proceed as set forth in Section 372.15 of the Iowa Code as it may from time to time be amended. (Ord. 841, 8-1-94)

The Fire Chief and Officers of the Fire Department shall nominate the Fire Chief for a period of two years. Such nomination shall be subject to the approval of the City Council. An election by the members of the Fire Department shall be held and such election will be given consideration by the Fire Chief and Officers of the Fire Department in nominating the Fire Chief, but shall not be binding.

The City Council shall take action to approve or disapprove the appointment of the person nominated for the position of Fire Chief at the next regular Council meeting following the written notification from Fire Chief and Officers so stating the person nominated. In the event that the City Council does not take action on such nomination at the next regular Council meeting, the nomination shall stand approved. In the event that the City Council disapproves the nomination, the City Clerk shall so notify the Fire Chief and Officers in writing. The Fire Chief and Officers shall then submit another person for the position of Fire Chief to the Council for approval within fourteen (14) days following written notification from the City Clerk. In the event that the Fire Chief and Officers fail to nominate another person for the position of Fire Chief within 14 days, the Council shall make the appointment.

In the event that the Council disapproves subsequent nominations for the position of Fire Chief, the above time schedule and conditions shall be repeated for all subsequent nominations.

For the purposes of this ordinance, the Officers of the Fire Department shall consist of the following positions – Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Three Captains, and Lieutenant.

The above described procedure for the appointment of a Fire Chief shall become effective on January 1, 1988. (Ord. 667, passed 7-21-86)

All other officers shall be appointed or selected by the Council unless otherwise provided by law or ordinance.

2-2-3 TERMS OF APPOINTIVE OFFICERS. The terms of all appointive officers that are not otherwise fixed by law or ordinance shall be two (2) years.

2-2-4 VACANCIES IN OFFICES. A vacancy in an appointive office shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. A vacancy in an elective office shall be filled by a majority vote of all members of the Council, unless filled by election in accordance with state law.

2-2-5 BONDS REQUIRED. Each municipal officer required by law or ordinance to be bonded shall, before entering upon the duties of his/her office, execute to the City a good and sufficient bond, to be approved by the Council, conditioned on the faithful performance of his/her duties and the proper handling and accounting for the money and property of the City in his/her charge unless the Council shall provide for a blanket position surety bond.

2-2-6 SURETY. Any association or corporation which makes a business of insuring the fidelity of others within Iowa shall be accepted as surety on any of the bonds.

2-2-7 AMOUNT OF BONDS. Each officer named shall be bonded or covered in the amount below:

City Manager $200,000
Deputy City Clerk $200,000
Finance Clerk $200,000
Secretary $200,000

The Council shall provide by Resolution for a surety bond for any other officer or employee that the Council deems necessary or for a blanket bond. The City shall pay the premium on all official bonds. (ORD 881, passed 9-16-96)

2-2-8 BONDS FILED. All bonds when duly executed shall be filed with the Mayor, except that the Mayor’s bond shall be filed with the Clerk.