201 East Pleasant Street, Maquoketa, IA 52060
(563) 652-2484


Starting today Tuesday, August 11th the City of Maquoketa has declared a brush emergency.

The City Public Works crews will be picking up brush and branches that are piled up on the boulevard.

In order to clean up the town in a timely fashion we ask all neighbors to help each other and if you have a pickup or truck available please assist your neighbor in removing and taking the brush and branches out to Birch Drive for disposal. Remember, City Code limits Trees limbs less than seven inches in diameter and brush securely tied in bundles not larger than 72 inches long may be placed along the curb for collection by the City.

Do not place large tree limbs on the boulevard as the City will not remove them.

However, if you do have large tree and are able to remove the large logs or contract to have them removed, the City’s new waste hauler, Scott Dittmer, has agreed to allow both residents and contractors to drop off tree logs and only large tree logs at his new facility at 305 Jacobson Dr.

Should you need to contact Scott, he can be reached at 563-542-0055.

Thank You

City of Maquoketa