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    Starting today Tuesday, August 11th the City of Maquoketa has declared a brush emergency.

    The City Public Works crews will be picking up brush and branches that are piled up on the boulevard.

    In order to clean up the town in a timely fashion we ask all neighbors to help each other and if you have a pickup or truck available please assist your neighbor in removing and taking the brush and branches out to Birch Drive for disposal. Remember, City Code limits Trees limbs less than seven inches in diameter and brush securely tied in bundles not larger than 72 inches long may be placed along the curb for collection by the City.

    Do not place large tree limbs on the boulevard as the City will not remove them.

    However, if you do have large tree and are able to remove the large logs or contract to have them removed, the City’s new waste hauler, Scott Dittmer, has agreed to allow both residents and contractors to drop off tree logs and only large tree logs at his new facility at 305 Jacobson Dr.

    Should you need to contact Scott, he can be reached at 563-542-0055.

    Thank You

    City of Maquoketa

  • Curbside Garbage and Recycling Phone Number 563-777-0768. (7/23/2020)

    The City established a Garbage and Recycling phone number for residents to use exclusively for messages regarding the new curbside pickup program. The number is 563-777-0768 (no 652 prefix but it rings into a desk phone at City Hall). Residents can call this number any time of day to leave a message with their name, address and bin size. Nearly 600 residents have used the online survey to register their preference for a 95 or 65 gallon container. The default size for garbage is 95 gallons. Residents who do not register a preference for a 65 gallon garbage container by July 31 will receive the larger container. Every residence will also receive a 65-gallon recycling container.
    Bins will be delivered to your address the week of August 10th to August 14th. 1st Pick Up – East Half of Town (Including Niagara St.) – Thursday August 20th. West Half of Town – Friday August 21st. Both Bins for Recycling and Garbage will be picked up the same day each week, place both bins on the curbsid

  • Tree Program (6/19/2020)
  • Horseshoe Pond Campground Open (5/11/2020)

    The City of Maquoketa is happy to announce that we are welcoming campers back to Horseshoe Pond Campground. The Maquoketa Parks Department staff are working diligently to open our campgrounds. Campground openings will need to occur in phases so we can safely open facilities with adequate staffing.  Please keep in mind that in order for us to keep the campgrounds open, visitors will need to adhere to physical distancing guidelines by remaining 6 feet apart, wearing masks as appropriate, and limiting group gatherings to 10 or less people.   Below is a list of guidelines for campers to follow and we will be operating with specific guidelines to help keep our campground open.

    • Playground, Shelters and The Citadel will remain closed.
    • Campers may camp only with a self-contained camping unit that has a functioning restroom, as shower houses with flushable restrooms will remain closed.
      • Self-contained is defined as a tent or pop-up camper with a portable toilet or an RV or camping trailer with a functioning, self-contained bathroom.
    • Occupants are limited to six or less per campsite (unless household is more than six).
    • No visitors are allowed.
    • Campfires are limited to those who occupy the campsite.
    • Campground shower houses with restrooms will remain closed.
    • Social distancing guidelines should be observed in the campground, as well as other areas of the park.
    • Practice safe hygiene. Please bring your own sanitizer and use soap and water frequently.
    • Reserving campsites is not allowed as campgrounds continue to be first-come, first-served.
  • City Buildings Closed to Public (3/18/2020)

    City of Maquoketa buildings will be closed to the public until further notice. City staff will continue to work and can be contacted by phone or email. Water payments, permit applications and other paperwork can be left in the drop box outside City Hall or returned by mail or internet. The buildings covered by the closure include Maquoketa City Hall, MMEU offices and buildings, Fire Station and Public Works. The Maquoketa Public Library and YMCA were previously closed to the public. The Maquoketa Police Department will be the only City building open to the public. City parks and the Birch Drive drop-off facility remain open. People are reminded to keep gatherings to 10 people or less when using City parks.

    City officials will postpone meetings when possible or meet virtually as needed. Contact information for City office and information regarding City meetings can be found on Maquoketa Local Access, the City’s facebook page and www.maquoketaia.com.

    Phone Numbers

    City Hall: 563-652-2484, 563-652-2486, 563-652-1508

    MMEU: 563-652-6891

    Alliance (Water Department): 563-652-4881, 563-652-7170

    Public Works: 563-652-4628

    Police Department: 563-652-2468

    Fire Department: 563-652-4454

    Library: 563-652-3874

    YMCA: 563-652-6566

    Local Access: 563-652-2835